About Malama 1


Malama 1 connects businesses in Japan with Hawaii-based
sustainability initiatives inspired by “Mauka to Makai”, “Culture and
Community” and “Innovation”.

Blessed with an abundance of natural resources and top-notch
research facilities, Hawaii is a pioneer in renewable energy
development, cultural revitalization and resource preservation.
Capitalizing on two island chains aligned with a deep appreciation of
nature, culture and community, Malama 1 drives support from Japan
to Hawaii in a collective effort to preserve the islands, perpetuate
Native Hawaiian culture and sponsor educational opportunities for
future generations.


While the spread of the coronavirus resulted in sharp setbacks to Hawaii’s local economy, the plunge in visitors unexpectedly allowed nature to recover. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed into a global social phenomenon and local communities renewed their determination to preserve the natural surroundings. In Japan, businesses had long since adopted SDGs initiatives with educational institutions expanding curriculum in this field.

As an isolated island chain, like Japan. Hawaii has been blessed with an array of natural resources and research institutes, allowing for the state to become a pioneer in sustainable initiatives and goals with its own unique “Aloha + Challenge” and was selected by the United Nations as the first “Local 2030 Hub” in the Pacific Ocean region.

Hawaii established itself as a leader in sustainable development with its ambitious goal of 100% renewable energy for electricity production by 2045, upheld by the recent Climate Action Plan that is the first of its kind in the nation. Many local NPOs and research facilities are also determined to overcome an ecological crisis by delivering on their mission to preserve Hawaii’s natural environment.

As the pressure grows for businesses in Japan to contribute more to society, Malama 1 serves as a bridge between both regions to amplify sustainability efforts while giving back to Hawaii’s land, people and community.

Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Heather Goodman

Why Hawaii?

Situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii pioneered the “Aloha + Challenge
and was selected as the first “Local 2030 Hub” of the Pacific by the United Nations’ SDG initiative.

  • An island nation blessed with an abundance of natural resources

  • Highly developed research facilities in a variety of fields (aerospace, agriculture, marine biology, etc.)

  • Integrated renewable energy initiatives

  • Community implemented sustainable green cycles, such as a recycling-conscious society

  • An abundance of NPOs actively involved in the local community

  • Multitude of educational opportunities supported by SDG oriented organizations


  • Partner in creating a destination where the next generation can connect to an authentic Hawaii and its rich natural resources
  • Serve as a bridge between Japan and Hawaii while creating opportunities for Japanese companies to give back to sustainability efforts in the islands
  • Support sustainability efforts in Hawaii by offering participating companies / organizations from Japan opportunities to engage in experiential programs offered by local NPOs
  • Revitalize Hawaii tourism by supporting initiatives that create mutually beneficial relationships between local NPOs and participating businesses / organizations


Participation Advantages

  • Strengthen ties
    between Japan and Hawaii

  • Achieve CSR business goals by supporting Hawaii’s sustainability initiatives

  • Differentiate participating organizations through interactive activities and opportunities

  • Enhance Japan’s global corporate image by reinforcing Hawaii’s sustainability messaging